Meet Glo2Facial

By Geneo

Discover a revolutionary therapy that taps into your body’s innate super abilities: The Glo2Facial. Starting with Oxyfoliate™, harnessing the power of O2 bubbles; enhance through the indulgent LUX with our gentle ultrasound process; and rejuvenate with a lymphatic massage detox. Experience firsthand how this unlocks unparalleled benefits for your skin and transforms your overall well-being. Welcome to the pathway to extraordinary results for both your complexion and life.


glo2facial step 1 oxypods

Glo2Facial OxyPods interact harmoniously with Primer Gel, delicately exfoliating the skin while generating a bubbly, CO2-rich ambiance on the skin’s surface. In response, the body releases a surge of oxygen to the skin, establishing optimal conditions for nourishing and revitalizing the skin from within.


Glo2facial step 2 - massage

The Lite Ultrasound experience generates micro vibrations, swiftly imparting a smooth texture to the skin and enhancing the permeability of its protective layer. This heightened permeability facilitates improved absorption of nutrients, ensuring a more effective and beneficial skincare experience.


Indulge in a soothing hands-free lymphatic massage that sculpts the face, providing immediate relief from redness and puffiness. Simultaneously, this massage technique facilitates the deeper infusion of active ingredients into the skin, enhancing the overall rejuvenation experience.

The Glo2Facial Difference

Experience the Glo2Facial transformation – witness dullness turn into radiance, and fine lines fade away. Our before-and-after photos showcase the undeniable glow-up, revealing the stunning difference Glo2Facial can make for your skin.

Before After

Before & After of the cheek area.

Before After Glo2Facial - Mouth_BeforeGlo2Facial - Mouth_After_

Before & After of the lips.

Before After Glo2Facial - Hands_BeforeGlo2Facial - Hands_After_

Before & After of the hand.

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